Testimonial: Francis 

My name is Francis, and I’m many things. I’m an optometrist, Rugby coach, lover, an addict in recovery and someone who has dealt with mental health issues. I first was referred to Lee by a friend, and straight away his “no nonsense” was evident. Lee quickly cut through the noise in my head, to the […]

NLP Coaching in Central London from Personal Evolution. 

Exciting News – I will returning to Liverpool Street, Central London to bring my style of NLP, Coaching, Personal and professional Change and Well Being back to people who live and work in the City. So wether you know any NLP – like a Practitioner – or are unsure of how to get to the […]

What is good advice worth? 

What is good advice worth to you? What makes advice or guidance good advice? Well I’d imagine its something to do with how helpful, useful and even timely the advice is. How much time, effort and money it saves you. Where did you last get some good advice from? A family member, a friend, a […]

Happy clients, Busy week. Skype works well 

Wonderful how technology enhance people’s lives. In the recent past I’ve used Skype video calling to help people who aren’t able to come to my offices in Mid Norfolk. Using Skype video calls I have been able to help clients enjoy swift and comfortable life changes without anyone having to leave the comfort of their […]

It’s been a while, but what I’ve been doing Really Works! 

Well thanks to Chris at Jemmett Fox Media for pointing out I’m so over due to Blog/update you all. My great clients have enjoyed a lot of personal and Business success in the recent past. March in particular was very exciting and rewarding despite the snow and cold weather. I was able to use Skype […]

It Really Works! Recent Thank You for Help and advice given. 

A great Thank You from a Driving Instructor friend after an urgent phone call asking me for help and advice for treating a very anxious pupil. I recently spoke to lee asking for some advice on how to handle a particularly anxious learner driver. We discussed relaxation and breathing techniques, particular language to use and […]

Personal Evolution Ad from the Dereham Local Advertiser 

My advert in the July Edition of the Local Advertiser.

Lighthouse Holistics and Personal Evolution update 

Had a very fun and productive 1 hour meeting with Emma Parnell-Cook of Lighthouse Holistics yesterday to catch up and share some ideas and information about how to get our skills/names and how we do what we do better know in the local area. As well as our current Dereham Times paper advert and soon […]

Personal Evolution Evolves! 

Once again Personal Evolution – as a Brand and what it offers is evolving. Evolving into East Anglia and beyonds number one choice for quality, professional personal change and development mind coaching. Allowing Lee Spelzini’s In The Fast Zone to carry the torch for Mental Mind Preparation for Motorcycle Racers. While still utilising the proven […]

The 2012 Season is nearly here! 

Phew, at last the 2012 Motorcycle racing season is nearly here. Ducati MotoGP are doing the now usual Vvroom event – I wish Nicky Hayden a speedy and full recovery from his shoulder injury. Not much ice go-kart racing for him this week Dovi to has a shoulder injury but Doctors say he’ll be fit […]