Testimonial: Francis 

My name is Francis, and I’m many things. I’m an optometrist, Rugby coach, lover, an addict in recovery and someone who has dealt with mental health issues. I first was referred to Lee by a friend, and straight away his “no nonsense” was evident. Lee quickly cut through the noise in my head, to the […]

To Blog or not to Blog? 

To Blog or Not to Blog, that my dear friends is the question…

It’s OK to feel anything… 

The online and offline worlds are full of “Self Help” Books, CDs, DVDs and online video resources. With catchy, direct titles and suggestions about how to be “better” , “Happier” , “thinner” , “look great” even feel great. Odd then there still seems a lot of not very happy, fed-up, stressed and tired people around! […]

NLP works! I’m not surprised but latest client was. 

Had the chance to use my NLP skills recently on a client with what you might say was a more than usually sceptical attitude. But their great curiosity and desire for change ensured they got engaged and involved! Less than two hours after the change/coaching work mutual friends where texting me asking ” What have […]

Riders Digest Article featuring me and my in-the-fast-zone.com work 

@ThisBikersLife: Here’s a link to my latest in @RidersDigest feat. @LeeSpelzini: “Where’s Your Head At?”. This might be my best yet http://t.co/zy3MoyA9I2

New Years Re-solutions? 

So it’s now now mid-January 2014, how is the shaping up so far? Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Still sticking to them? Given up? What made you decide to have a “fresh start” or “re-solution” of something you felt you wanted to or needed to change? A passion or motivated state of mind […]

NLP Coaching in Central London from Personal Evolution. 

Exciting News – I will returning to Liverpool Street, Central London to bring my style of NLP, Coaching, Personal and professional Change and Well Being back to people who live and work in the City. So wether you know any NLP – like a Practitioner – or are unsure of how to get to the […]

What is good advice worth? 

What is good advice worth to you? What makes advice or guidance good advice? Well I’d imagine its something to do with how helpful, useful and even timely the advice is. How much time, effort and money it saves you. Where did you last get some good advice from? A family member, a friend, a […]

Happy clients, Busy week. Skype works well 

Wonderful how technology enhance people’s lives. In the recent past I’ve used Skype video calling to help people who aren’t able to come to my offices in Mid Norfolk. Using Skype video calls I have been able to help clients enjoy swift and comfortable life changes without anyone having to leave the comfort of their […]

More Happy Clients at Personal Evolution 

What a wonderful last two weeks for my clients and I at Personal Evolution. I have been able to successfully help clients to overcome issues including depression, exam nerves, practical examination fears. Another client who has almost completely lost their sense of smell and taste is now enjoying the “full and wondrous” smells and tastes […]