New Years Re-solutions?

So it’s now now mid-January 2014, how is the shaping up so far?
Did you make any New Years Resolutions?
Still sticking to them? Given up?
What made you decide to have a “fresh start” or “re-solution” of something you felt you wanted to or needed to change?
A passion or motivated state of mind or idea?
Expectations – yours or others – peer pressure?
To make changes is often easy, making the steps/parts of the change “work/stick” is a simple matter of making the new behaviour(s) a habit.
Often it’s what you do NOT have to do/way you behaviour that changes your thinking easiest.
Change your thinking/feelings that underpin any behaviour or habit and the new choices become more attractive, easier and feel better than the not so useful old habit(s), behaviour(s).
Enjoy the starting of testing out changes for yourself and remember of course it will feel “a bit odd” “different” or plain “weird” but that’s natural.
Enjoy the feelings, get comfortable with them.
As I know for sure that getting comfortable with the thinking AND feelings or change have big benefits for life – yours and those connected with you.
Imagine being far more relaxed during changes outside your “control” like at work. Less stressed because you “know” the feeling and are used to it, knowing it will pass harmlessly.
Become fear-less!

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