It’s OK to feel anything…

The online and offline worlds are full of “Self Help” Books, CDs, DVDs and online video resources.
With catchy, direct titles and suggestions about how to be “better” , “Happier” , “thinner” , “look great” even feel great.
Odd then there still seems a lot of not very happy, fed-up, stressed and tired people around!

Well it’s OK to be unhappy, fed up, stressed, tired, not thin etc!

There I typed it! There’s your permission to carry on.

Because I bet as soon as you accept that and give yourself permission to do/feel/behave in a certain way your mind and thinking alter, even a little bit.
As you know everything starts with a “little bit” of whatever, fun, laughter, sadness, fed up-ness(?), stress it only when the “little bit” becomes a habit and gets repeated that things change.
Either in a not so useful way – fed up-ness, stress etc or a useful way – fun, laughter, relaxation.

Realise for yourself that it’s just your thinking and mind working don’t “try” to change it, just let it change by itself and know there’s always ways to make thinking and feelings change to what’s more useful when you’re ready go and practice a “little bit” of those!!

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